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Arrow How Do I Sign-Up?

Welcome to the PRT! You're here, now how do you sign up?

Step 1:
  • Create an account on the PRT site - here, or by clicking "Register" on the top left of the page.
Step 2:
Step 3:
  • Check the DEFCON Status of the Tournament by looking at the header. If the tournament is in DEFCON 5 or 4, no signups will be taken at this time. But DEFCON 4 means we are nearing a signup phase, so keep an eye out.

    Signups will occur as necessary throughout the campaign (DEFCON 1), if this occurs, more information will be posted in this thread. Make sure to subscribe to it as to not miss out any additional signups during the current campaign.
If you have any questions regarding sign-ups, please ask in the appropriate thread (if applicable) or open a thread in the Admin Support forum and we would be glad to assist you.

It may take a while for your signup to be processed. This can be because there is a high number of signups that need to be reviewed or because your signup is put on hold until the PRT Staff decides where you're needed or fit the best. If you have signed up as an Officer and you are not assigned to be a SL or NCO in a team, your signup will automatically be considered as a Grunt Signup and put on Hold until those are processed.


Make sure you read the rules for sign-ups prior to signing up:

I - Clan/Community Memberships
  1. Players signing up to the PRT may not include their Clan Tags in their username. Inclusion of Clan Tags in a forum username will lead to changing of the username by the Administration with the possibility of further infractions.
  2. Every player signing up for the PRT is obligated to mention their Clan or Community Memberships (even if only a recruit) on their sign-up form, as requested. Any sign-up that does not contain such existing information will be invalid and ignored.
  3. Any player that purposely tries to conceal their Clan or Community membership may be removed from the tournament. The administration reserves the right to increase the restrictions for that Clan or Community following any violations.
  4. Any player that joins a Clan or Community while being part of the PRT, is required to inform their Supreme Commander and the Administration (via support ticket) of their new membership. Failure to do so may result in the player being removed from the Tournament.
  5. It is strictly prohibited to actively advertise Clans or Communities and/or recruit players to Clans or Communities during a PRT Campaign. This includes the use of Clan Tags on any information posted on the PRT forum as well as in any player signature. You may do so only after the Campaign has ended as outside of the PRT forum.
  6. Players are allowed to use their Clan Tags in combination with their PRT Team tags in non-PRT related events, including public server play. Players should always make sure to remove these tags for any official PRT battles, trainings, etc.

II - Clan/Community Restrictions
  1. Every player that signs up for the PRT, does so as an individual player. However, in order to increase the balance between the teams and to avoid the majority of a team or squad to be controlled by one single clan or community, restrictions must be added. These restrictions apply to each team separately.

    No more than 40% of a team's or group's total number of players can be members of the same Clan or Community. Members from the same Clan or Community can be on opposite teams. Players who left their clan within a period of a month or less before sign-ups still count as a member of that clan.

    It is advised that all Clans, Communities or Groups, organize themselves according to these rules, before their members sign-up.
  1. Squads may only have a maximum of 50% of players from the same Clan or Community.
  2. In-Game Squads are allowed to have a maximum of 50% of their players from the same Clan or Community, rounded up. For example, a 7 man squad can have 50%(3.5 players, rounded up to 4) from the came clan or community.
  3. Only 40% of the team's Squad Leaders can be from the same Clan or Community. This will be dependent on how the SCO/CO structures their team.
  4. There can only be a maximum of 2 members of the same Clan or Community in a Team's Staff (SCO/CO + 1 Staff member or a max of 2 HCO's).

III – Player Preferences
  1. A player can name two other players that he would like to play with. However, those two players cannot name any other players or that preference will be invalid and ignored.

    X signs-up with Y and Z
    Y signs-up with X and Z
    Z signs-up with X and Y

    Officers should name two players they would like to have included into their squad. Those players should then name each-other besides their SL on their sign-ups. If you want to stick together in the same Team (Assigned by the Administration) and possibly in the same Squad (Assigned by the SCO) you should make sure that you and your friends are all aware of this rule and will follow it on the sign-up form. This however does not guaranty that you will be placed in the same squad as that is dependent on multiple factors.
  2. A player can name the team he prefers to join and that preference will be taken into account when the administration is assigning him to a team. This however does not guarantee him to be added to said team.
  3. Once a player is assigned to a team, he may not be transferred to the other team until the end of the campaign.
  4. Any sign-up of a player that has previously resigned from one team and is attempting to join the opposite team in the same campaign, will be invalid and ignored. If the sign-up is made with a different account and the player does not mention their previous PRT account/s, it will be considered a breach of the tournament rules and may result in the player being banned from the tournament.

IV – PRT Team Member Activity
  1. Every Team Member is required to Sign-In/Out for all Squad/Team Trainings and Battles
  2. Every Team Member is required to attend at least 1 Squad/Team training per battle-cycle (exceptions can be made if proper excuses are given).
  3. Every Team Member is required to attend at least 1 Battle per 2 Battle-cycles. Supervised by the SCO's and their Officers.
  4. Every Team Member is required to check the PRT forum at least 2 days per week (exceptions made for LOA's). Supervised by the SCO's and the Administration
  5. Players lack of activity may result in their removal from the team.

V – PRT Team Reserve Activity
  1. Every Team Reserve is required to attend at least 1 Squad/Team trainings per 2 battle-cycles (exceptions can be made if proper excuses are given). Supervised by the SCO's and their Officers.
  2. Every Team Reserve is required to check the PRT forum at least once per week (exceptions made for LOA's). Supervised by the SCO's and the Administration.
  3. Players lack of activity may result in their removal from the team.

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Re: How Do I Sign-Up?

Sign-ups are currently open! Roughly 10 slots available at the moment.

EDIT: Closed again.

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