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Post Admin Roles and Complaints Procedure

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If you have a complaint or question at a squad or team level, this is how you should pass your issues on.

Firstly, use your Chain of Command! This is the chain of command for the Tournament:

  1. Reserve or Soldier
  2. NCO
  3. Squad Leader
  4. High Commanding Officer
  5. Second in Command
  6. Commander
  7. Supreme Commander
  8. Admin
  9. Management

You MUST follow this to ensure your issue is dealt with at the appropriate level!

If your issue concerns someone within this structure, you should inform the appropriate person IMMEDIATELY ABOVE them, and the issue will be dealt with. If the issue is with your SCO, you can contact the Administration via Support Ticket which is private and only visible by the PRT Staff.

Any Important Issues/Complaints/Concerns/etc related to the tournament should be placed in the Admin Support forum. DO NOT SEND THE ADMINS PM's with issues!

Any complaints about Admin behavior or conduct should be PMed to the Tournament Lead Management directly, and should include evidence if needed (screenshots, logs, etc). This is the only exception for when a user should send a PM to the PRT Management. Everything else needs to be posted as a Support Ticket.

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