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Post PRT Time & Tournament Clock


PRT TIME stands for Project Reality Tournament time. PRT TIME is equal to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), also known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). All times in the tournament are stated in PRT TIME.

Depending on your location in the world, you may have to add or subtract a given number of hours to convert PRT TIME (GMT) to your local time and vice-verse. There are many tools available on the internet which can do this for you, for example: time zone converter. Please note: like GMT, PRT TIME does NOT switch to summer time. Please take your own time-zone's summer time change into account.

The clock in the site header always displays the current PRT TIME in real-time. So when you're in doubt when a battle, practice, or other event starts - just take a look at the clock to learn the current PRT TIME.


The smaller clock below the PRT TIME clock, displays the days, hours, minutes, and seconds that remain until the next official tournament battle. When no battle is planned, the countdown clock is turned off and will display nothing. The clock may also countdown for other events, which will be displayed instead of "NEXT BATTLE."

Normally, the countdown clock is only active when the tournament is at DEFCON 1 war mode, as battles only take place in this mode. But once that battle clock is counting down, you'd better keep a close eye on it, as this is all the time you and your team have left to prepare for the next battle!

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