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Team Member & Reserve Distinction/Activity Requirements

The main differences between Team Members and Team Reserves are their requirements and privileges.

Team Member - Is given priority to play over Reserves and has the following activity requirements:

- Every Team Member is required to Sign-In/Out for all Squad/Team Trainings and Battles
- Every Team Member is required to attend at least 1 Squad/Team training per battle-cycle (exceptions can be made if proper excuses are given).
- Every Team Member is required to attend at least 1 Battle per 2 Battle-cycles.
- Team Members lack of activity may result in their removal from the team.

Team Reserve - Is allowed to be part of the tournament with less strict requirements but will only play in a battle whenever the squad doesn't have enough Team Members available to play. Has the following activity requirements:

- Is only required to participate in at least 1 squad or team trainings per 2 battle-cycles.
- Reserves lack of activity will result in their removal from the reserves pool and the signups queue.


- Reserves can either be assigned to a specific squad or be in the general pool of reserves that serves the whole team. The ones that are assigned to a squad, get priority not only to play in it as well as to join it as full members whenever spots open up.

- Reserves assigned to a specific squad or that have participated in that squad's trainings for that battle-cycle get priority over the ones that didn't. Reserves that signed-in for that battle also get priority over the ones that didn't. Exceptions can be made based on specializations but this guideline is here to maintain a certain level of fairness in how the team staff picks who gets to play.

Both Reserves and Team Members need to check the forums once every 7 days or post a LOA! Administration has tools which indicate inactive users and therefore has eyes on every single PRT member at all times. Exceeding the 7 days without posting a LOA will get you demoted or removed from the team immediately.

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