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Introduce yourself to the PRT

Hello there,

Some of you will know me but for others,

Im Oreely from Ankara, Turkey. 26 years old. I have been playing pr around 5 years. Was an nco in PRT C8, SL in C9 (Spezialkrafte 1 nato alpha), TART I, II and that mini campaign.

I am also one of the founders of the UAA clan.

I am leading squads in this game. This is basically what i do since I started.

IRL I work in a defense industry company and also coordinate a private military contractor company.

I made a lot of true friends here in PRT. So i advise new guys to stay together all the time (even when losing) and dont leave the PRT, as you will never find this sort of friendship in pub games.


PS: i am not an angry guy. Ask curry.

Another PS: dont believe that napoleon guy saying he leads squads and stuff. He cant even help his granny cross the street.
[I][CENTER][B]Fortune favors the insane[/B][/CENTER][/I]

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Re: Introduce yourself to the PRT

Hey I am Rezza.

I think a part of the PR community has already gotten to know me. Started to play PR in 2006 (0.6 launch) and got hooked to it since then. Prolly played more than 3500 hours at least. Always been a huge pubber and managed several communities. Overall more than 200 people got PR because of my recruiting campaigns all around the internet. Not only did people just get in to PR but I also sat down and trained them with the core philosophy of the mod. Which is teamplay and fun through communication and tactics.

In 2006 I got to meet the guys from the 10th Mountains and became great friends with them. Which ended up in me joining them. They were an incredible nice group of people and had a very populated server back in the day. In 2007 talks began about creating a Turkish Community which we then successfully created and got up to a member count of more than 70 people. It was called Project Reality Turkey with the tag [PRTR]. We used to do major raids on servers with groups as big as 24 people. This was the time when Reality Teamwork and PRmumble had become very prominent.

After that period I had a little gap in my PR career but later joined the PR 8.5 Mini Tournament which was a great experience. Was proud to be a CATA soldier during that! 8.5 was my first tournament experience and my enjoyment of it was sky high. There is one thing I am sure about though PR is and will always remain the best public teamplay game where you can just jump in and have people with mics and teamplaying without even signing up for a tournament. After the tournament real life distracted me and several other games took me away more from PR. Which ended up in Project Reality Turkey splitting in to 3 different groups.

In 2011 I founded the Men Of War Clan [MOW] that I am running with my closest PR friends which I know since forever. We are still occasionally playing PR every month. On the other side I also had participation in other things such as beta testing, server administration and translation for Project Reality. The PR community is one of the communities I feel at home. Like a second family you always have. So it's an honour to be here and it's with utmost pleasure to be a part of this tournament and to battle with you guys.

As a person. I am half German and half Turkish citizen. Lived in Turkey for a lot of years in my life. But also lived in Germany for a period. Currently I am studying German translation and Interpretation and doing my internship in Hamburg.

See you on the battlefield and in the briefing room soldiers!

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Re: Introduce yourself to the PRT

Oh well, i might post up here aswell

Im 19 year old guy from finland, and i have been playing pr from around 0.75(2008?) and since then pr has been prety much only game i play actively. Im part of OD-S and been playing many clan matches with them as grunt or sl. I didint play in previous prt campaigns, but i played in TART as grunt and in Fh pr tournament nco/sl.

As contractor in prt im mainly helping with getting intell to wiki from ingame. F.ex testing how many lats from each faction you need to kill different tank from behind/front/tower/whatever might be bit booring, but atleast ingame knowledge rises up quite much

I like to ski and do orienteering as my main hobbys. Im leaving to army in january to do my conscription in recon comppany, so after that i wont be much around here for a while . Even thought im leaving to larp in woods, im most likely going to sign in as Sl/grunt.
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Re: Introduce yourself to the PRT

Hey there,

Well I've been around PR for something like 2 years now, I used to play alone. People never understood why I loved a game (and mod) with such graphics until I've asked them to buy BF2 to play PR. Only one of them was disappointed because he had some mic issue (my brother).

Well I'll talk about myself, I am 24 years old, I currently study Game Developpement. I used to study System Administration (network engineering?) before that, but I quit because of the incompentence of some teachers. I have youtube channel, I even released a lot of PR videos and there will be more.

I can speak many languages, it was always easy to learn for me. I am currently Learning Russian by myself. I play the guitar, the bass, I like to draw, program, retexture, create digital paintings, I also do snowboard.. Many more stuff.

I live in Belgium, my parents are 100% Lebanese. I am clan leader in other games and I brought some people over here but I don't think I would recreate or join a clan. Only if I find people as active as I am and having the same perspectives in general. (Like ambushing people as insurgent ).

For the PRT I hope to meet more people and to have a great time with everyone. First PRT for me, and I am looking forward for it.
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Re: Introduce yourself to the PRT

Originally Posted by OReely View Post
Another PS: dont believe that napoleon guy saying he leads squads and stuff. He cant even help his granny cross the street.
What a jelly ps isnt it? Okay guys give him a break, he got upset because he find out that I wont be on same team with him.

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Re: Introduce yourself to the PRT

Hi. I'm Strela2M, an handheld anti-air weapon for those who doesn't know. I'm sky guardian since 0.917, when i also joined CATA (btw CATA FTW), but server in Mortar SQ (Jackals). I'm 23 years old from Croatia and i drive my tractor like a boss. I'm looking to join army because I'm sick of civil life.

PS: OReally is such a nice boy but sometimes he is pain in the ass
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Re: Introduce yourself to the PRT

Hey guys. Dv83r here. I'm twenty years old and I'm starting my junior year as a Mechanical Engineering student here in the United States. I've been playing since 2007 with version 0.6. I've only played in one PRT campaign and that was Campaign 9 back in 2011. I played for NATO Charlie, 9 Army Air Corps, NCO for the most part. I ended up as the SL at the end by circumstance and I hope that's where I'll get to pick back up. I still can't believe that it has been essentially three years since the last tournament. I hope Campaign 10 will bring back most of my previous friends that I made then.
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Re: Introduce yourself to the PRT

Hai. CAJ here and I'm a bit rusty lately. I'm from Serbia, city of Novi Sad, well known by the name Serbian Athens, or by splendid EXIT festival.

Have been active member and SCO in sEX_YU clan, serving as CAS/support/AA mainly. Some of you remember me from C8.5 and C9 where I served as support/mortar/defensive infantry. Proud owner of golden mortar award from C9. I'm 33 ( almost 34 ) and am currently having a hard time with my job, and free time, so if I signup I will note that. Might be ok with reserves, cause I'm on duty and can be called any time, so plans dont work for me well.

Also I'm quite known as a drama queen and e-terrorist fanboi ( thanks GAZ <3 )so dont startle me. ;-)

Stopped playing at 0.983 if I remember well, but then I called a retreat. This might be a great chance to polish my old AK, and cleanup my mortar so I hope I see you all on the battlefield.
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Re: Introduce yourself to the PRT


Ive been playing PR since .5 ! Have not played in PRT but am ready to. Im from LA and about to jump on some servers so going to keep it short! Cant wait to hear more about C10.
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Re: Introduce yourself to the PRT

Hi there,

MasterX from Dutch Faction team. Playing PR since 2008 with a long break till 2012. Looking for new friends and ways to contribute to PR

See you on Battlefield.

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introduce, prt

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