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Stories from the Front - Campaign 12

As always, share your stories from the battles.




Also make sure to share media from the battles!
#C12 #Hashtag #PRT #SpookIsLive

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Re: Best of C12!

Worst: Me. I am suuuuuuuuuuuuper rusty.
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Re: Best of C12!

best: cqb 3 kills

worst: 3 ARs trying to spam us through smokes


and Soban (or some other HAT guy) still standing up after horrible death
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Re: Best of C12!

Warm-Up Battle #1 Nov 5 2016 - Operation Marlin

Best: Spotting MEC HAT B7 and watching it die

Worst: Performed an abysmal descent from 600M altitude around M4 alerting everyone to my presence

Funniest: MEC mortars landing on our main like a fireworks show

#C12 #PRT

"Enemy tree spotted" -PMonkey [After crashing directly into a tree]
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Re: Best of C12!

best: Shotgunned 2 guys in the face at UN outpost

worst: They were my only kills the entire round, also counter recon was a pain in the ass

funniest: Can't think of much
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Re: Best of C12!

Best: Getting carried into the first victory

Worst: Me

Funniest: Grunts eagerly expecting the 'fire into the air' tradition from PDI after Senshi's speech
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Re: Best of C12!

Best: holding out in the T shape

worst: the endings deaths

Funniest: jeff's grenade TKs
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Re: Best of C12!

Best: close battle, APN was coming back with a vengeance. good entertaining first meeting of teams.

Worst: 2 squad T-shape assault via rooftop insertion. total clusterfuck but kinda funny in retrospect. Also, your ARs. Fuck your ARs.

Funniest: pre-battle half assed 48-gun salute
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Re: Best of C12!

Best: Winning.

Worst: During the 2nd half of the battle I was playing like shit.

Funniest: Pre-Battle bants was cheeky as fuck. Also luigi raging in finnish ))))
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Re: Best of C12!

Best: Being a really annoying AR, Teamkilling Senshi.

Worst: Being pinned down for 15 minutes alone with this weird accent guy phoenix

Funniest: Seeing this after battle http://i.imgur.com/mA62vo4.png

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