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Post C12 - SITREP #3 - Official PR Tournament

Hello PRT Community!

The second battle of this campaign has been played!

This battle saw the roles of the teams reversed with APN initially leading with kills, tickets and having the upper hand on the ground due to a flawless deployment. EMC adapted their plans and focused their efforts, gaining important strategic positions to finally take home their first well deserved victory! Congratulations!

This leads us to the endscore of the first operation. With both battles played, it is now completed. Both teams won one battle, currently drawing at 1 points each. The Administration is pleased with the balance thus far, and we hope that the players are enjoying the tense back-and-forth battles that we've had. With a lot more operations to come, this promises to be a fierce and interesting campaign!

For the next operation, EMC has chosen:

Operation Stronghold

During this operation we will see fierce battles in the hilly terrain of Fools Road and perilous fighting in the streets of Grozny.

Date: 14th of January, 2017.
Time: Battle start: 19:00 PRT
Map: Fools Road INF
No-Go Zone Rules: Fools Road

The PRT Staff will be organizing a Signature Contest during the Christmas Break. Any PRT Player can participate by simply replying to this thread with their signature.

We will only accept signatures that use one of the PRT Team Templates developed by the teams for C12. So be creative with which background image you choose to add to it. The winner will be picked based on how creative his signature is, the more creative you are the better chances of getting the first place. The PRT Staff will also choose two other signatures, one from each team, to be given a shared second place. The results of this contest will be published in an announcement on the 2nd of January when the Break ends.

Be sure to participate and have a nice Christmas Break!

The Tournament is taking a break! We're taking a few weeks off to let everyone celebrate their respective end of year holidays with their families and friends. We'll be back with the start of the next Battle Cycle on the 2nd of January. Activity requirements are on hold until that date. PRT teams can however still organize events during the break, keeping in mind that these cannot be made mandatory for their players who are all on automatic LOA.



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Re: C12 - SITREP #3 - Official PR Tournament

Just pick any of my 46 signatures
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Re: C12 - SITREP #3 - Official PR Tournament

I'll throw my little collage of Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower in the running. Also a congrats to EMC for their victory on Wanda. A hard fought battle well-earned.

"It is good that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it."
- Robert E. Lee

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Re: C12 - SITREP #3 - Official PR Tournament

Cant beat VP, sorry.
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Re: C12 - SITREP #3 - Official PR Tournament

Well, hello there.
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Re: C12 - SITREP #3 - Official PR Tournament

I thought GIF sigs weren't allowed.

(We will have our revenge)
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Old 2016-12-20, 04:45   #7
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Re: C12 - SITREP #3 - Official PR Tournament

Originally Posted by Geronimo View Post
Well, hello there.
Do your big gay Al for me.
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Re: C12 - SITREP #3 - Official PR Tournament

I don't mind sensible gif sigs. Just don't make them flashy and triggering. Subtle animation like Gero's sig looks great.

And don't you dare use non-perfect looping gifs
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Old 2016-12-20, 10:13   #9
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Re: C12 - SITREP #3 - Official PR Tournament

Well this ain't no fight.
Something's very wrong here, and yet a little bit right.
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Re: C12 - SITREP #3 - Official PR Tournament

We only allow animated gifs if they're subtle and don't cause too much distraction because that annoys people when trying to read the posts.

For the people who have multiple signatures, we won't go into the trouble of F5ing to see them all so whichever shows up, when we check the signatures to make a decision, is the one that gets considered.

[PR]CATA|Age: "This is the man who is to CATA what Wikipedia is to students. INFINITE WISDOM!"
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