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Post C12 Teams Assigned - Official PR Tournament

With the opening of the Grunt signups, both team's High Command have been busy discussing map layers, agreeing no-go zones, and choosing factions for the prep battles. Signups were full after about 30 hours and are currently closed. Both teams have balanced out their Officers, Grunts and Reserves as well as possible.

Since both SCO's wanted the same group of factions, PRT Management has done a "coin-toss" type of team selection which resulted in Team B getting to choose their preferred team. C12 Teams will be as follows:

The Allied Pacific Nations (APN) will be played by Team A; Euro-Arabian Military Coalition (EMC) will be played by Team B. We are sure that everyone will have a great campaign with the new teams!

- Team Staff will be moved to their new forums and have time to set up their forums to accommodate everyone.

- Only after that, the admin team will start to mass-move players to the respective user groups.

- Once added, you will see your team's forums. There will be one thread with all relevant information and a thread for you to report in! If you do not do this, you will eventually be removed from your team!.
As we get closer to the start of Campaign 12, every Team Member or Reserve who is Inactive and hasn't logged in on the PRT Forum for more than a week may be bumped down the list or completely removed from the team he was previously assigned to.

It's time for the propaganda machinery to start up, for team strategies to be made. Play hard, but fair and above all, have fun! Good luck to all members! We are DEFCON 2, ladies & gentlemen! Grab your rifle and get ready for battle!

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Re: C12 Teams Assigned - Official PR Tournament

Well fuck...
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Re: C12 Teams Assigned - Official PR Tournament

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Re: C12 Teams Assigned - Official PR Tournament

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Re: C12 Teams Assigned - Official PR Tournament

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Re: C12 Teams Assigned - Official PR Tournament

Anchors away, not the time for dragon your heels. Time to Allay any Specific Notions you had about the teams and get ready for the pain train.

Cheers, Murkey (yes I've been drinking, no I won't stop making bad puns for the next several months, that's why Kidding recruited me (presumably)).
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Re: C12 Teams Assigned - Official PR Tournament

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Re: C12 Teams Assigned - Official PR Tournament

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Re: C12 Teams Assigned - Official PR Tournament

Green for the win
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Re: C12 Teams Assigned - Official PR Tournament

Superior EMC team and filthy APN plebs.
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