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Post PR Tournament Campaign 12 - Your support is needed!

Campaign 12 Announced!
Official Project Reality Tournament

Hello PRT community!

After the relaunch of the Project Reality Tournament with the extremely balanced Campaign 10 and the successful Campaign 11, Campaign 12 is already in the works to hopefully be launched this fall.

The new PRT Staff consists of both C10 and C11 veterans and is working on a new and fresh campaign for you to enjoy! C11 was a great success and will be remembered by most as a fun and drama-free campaign. The PRT has set the bar high with these campaigns and needs your support to continue to fulfill all your expectations! That is why the PRT Team is still looking for new Admins to help organize a successful C12.

The PRT Administration is in charge of organizing the whole campaign along-side the Supreme Commanders and their staff. We are in need of admins who can help supervise the teams, administrate the battles and answer any questions on Teamspeak.

If you think you may not be the best mediator we are also in search for coders who can help us with the integrated tournament tools and features on our website.

Even though we already have some people in our media departments, we still welcome more support! If you are capable of creating graphics for the forums and the teams you are more than welcome to join us.

So don't be shy to contact us, we are happy to accept any help we can get. We will find the right spot for you and make sure you get to do what you signed up for.

You can be part of another great journey for the PR community and contribute your share to keep it alive and active even after so many years. After all, this is what the Project Reality Tournament is all about; welding the community together and creating new communities and friendships.

To sign up for a position in the PRT Staff use the Sign Up Form, and post your application in this subforum. We hope to hear from you soon!

If you have any other questions regarding C12, possible duties, staff team structure or anything else before signing up, feel free to contact us via Support Ticket or join the PRT teamspeak and hit us up!

Anyone considering applying for a Supreme Commander or Commander position should get in touch with us via Support Ticket too.

Everybody else stay tuned for more information about C12, its teams and the battle-concept soon.

[T-MGT] Onil (Management Lead) - Portugal
[T-MGT] Spook (Management Lead) - Germany
[T-MGT] GrayeKnight (Website Management) - United States of America
[T-MGT] Mineral (Website Management) - Belgium

Senior Admin:
[T-ADM] Liam (Moderation & Relations Lead) - Ireland

[T-ADM] UTurista (Server Administation) - Portugal
[T-ADM] Lhop (Team Administation) - Sweden
[T-ADM] Ghrane (Team Administration) - The Netherlands

[T-MOD] Nate (Forum Moderation) - Germany

[T-CON] Aleon (Media Development) - Hungary
[T-CON] Senshi (Website Development) - Germany
[T-CON] FFG (Public Relations & PRT Promotion) - New Zealand
[T-CON] blip2 (Teamspeak Sponsor) - United Kingdom
[T-CON] Zrix (Server Sponsor) - Sweden

Via Support Ticket through the PRT Website or on PRT TeamSpeak
TS Server IP:

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