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Re: PR Tournament Campaign 11 - TEAMS ASSIGNED!

Niko wtf.
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Re: PR Tournament Campaign 11 - TEAMS ASSIGNED!

Originally Posted by fecht_niko View Post
Dear PRT players,
I have to tell you that the PRT management and administration that is led by a certain clan doesn't want to accept players from other clans they had a personal problem to the PRT. What could be their problem not to accept some of the best players in this community with a huge experience in tournaments? Maybe they got owned in battles, maybe jokes were made.
But should a subjectiv attitude from some guys of the same clan decide who can join an official tournament?
All this open questions ruined the atmosphere for a lot of good players already.
For the future people in charge should grow up and not act like in kindergarden!
Good luck with the tournament,
It's team leaders who pick guys, not the admins?
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Re: PR Tournament Campaign 11 - TEAMS ASSIGNED!


We are aware of the admin structure since the preparations of C10 and know how it looks from the outside. Fact is, whoever we asked to become an admin replied with "I want to play". And we can hardly add people to the staff just for the sake of adding people. Everyone that applies gets a fair chance to join us.

Please also note that the tournament is more than just the admin team. Members from other clans are actively helping out this campaign as contributors and players and it would not look the same if they did not!

Anyway, I just wanted to address that issue and let you know that all of us are aware of it and we actively try to find people from other communities.

Regarding the denial of players to join the tournament:

There is no ban on a single clan or community in this tournament. There are several members of your clan that actively participate in the PRT community as squadleaders, NCOs, grunts and contributors.

Every single person that is being rejected is rejected for a reason. Unless it is about people who are banned from the PR Forums, or known hackers and griefers, each case is discussed with team staff of both teams. If the admins and the supreme commanders agree, players that are considered problematic can be rejected from joining the tournament.

This means neither SCOs nor admins can arbitrarily deny players from joining the tournament.

In your specific case, you rage-quit the last campaign and actively tried to withdraw all clan members of your clan, rendering two full squads temporarily useless. Because of this, it was unanimously agreed between the SCOs of the teams and the administration that you would not be allowed to participate in C11.

Furthermore, your attitude towards the community and towards your opponents in game directly contradicts the ethos of the PR tournament, which stands for sportsmanship and respect for your enemy.

Feel free to join us in TS to continue this discussion.

PRT Administration.

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Re: PR Tournament Campaign 11 - TEAMS ASSIGNED!

I was disappointed with your behavior last campaign. You decided to leave the tournament because you felt offended by having to participate in a training. That is not good team spirit. The right thing to do would be to offer assistence in providing a more useful training next time. You also tried to make all your clan mates (of the time) leave the tournament.
While in my books everyone can learn from mistakes and deserves a second chance, I can understand the SCOs decision to not take that risk for their team.

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Re: PR Tournament Campaign 11 - TEAMS ASSIGNED!

Sry but its not true that I forced any of my clan mates to leave C10.
I left C10 before the first battle because I was disappointed by the HCO of my team and the organisation in the beginning forcing members to spend a lot of time in useless things like the bootcamp i.e. and the balance.
All in all the PRT stuff learned from their mistakes in the beginning of C10 and successfully managed to create a good tournament.
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Re: PR Tournament Campaign 11 - TEAMS ASSIGNED!

The PRT needs a certain amount of humbleness and approachability by it's members officers and ultimatly the staff that run the tournament in the higher echelons. Niko possess alot of skills! But not enough humbleness.

I think the Administrators has found very interesting choices for their commanders aswell as the commanders their teams. I respect their decision, also please nico don't cause drama here, we all know PRTA drama is best.

If the above is true, then you sound like the way l4gi used to play in the PRT. Drama, politics and metagaming to the point it gets frustrating by a large majority of participants.

The admins and command staff seems much more ontop of the game in this campaign, and I for one think that is good.

Keep up the good work!
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Re: PR Tournament Campaign 11 - TEAMS ASSIGNED!

Thread has gone off course, administration gave their reply on the issue raised and with that the thread is locked. Any further issues/questions can be raised in the admin contact section.
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