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Re: PR Tournament Campaign 11 - Soldier SignUps Open: Enlist now!

No. I WAS referring to this http://tournament.realitymod.com/forumdisplay.php?f=184

And correct me if I'm wrong but all the officers applied exactly there and I have been subscribed to this forum since the last PRT and as far as I remember in last tournament the grunt signups were posted in the thread I just posted. There is even a discussion here. So the officers applied in one place and the grunts in the other? What the hell? Why not post it below the officer applciations?
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Re: PR Tournament Campaign 11 - Soldier SignUps Open: Enlist now!

Ah, this is what you mean.

I can explain it:

The officers and the SCO/COs needed to post their applications in the forums. The forum you linked just contains the application templates.

The grunts just need to fill out a form, so a template is not needed, which is why there is no thread for them. But yeah, I guess we could've cross-posted the grunt signups in there too after the announcement.

I am sure you will get into one of the teams very soon (within 1 month I'd say). So don't worry!

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Re: PR Tournament Campaign 11 - Soldier SignUps Open: Enlist now!

The signups were done the same as last year iirc?
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Re: PR Tournament Campaign 11 - Soldier SignUps Open: Enlist now!

He means http://tournament.realitymod.com/forumdisplay.php?f=184

The initial signups are always treated as a big event with alot of extra information regarding the campaign so its usually not posted there but in the news instead. Also the grunt signups date was released over 2 weeks ago when the commander signups opened. So we kinda expected people to know it and to be prepared if they wanted to join.

All additional signup openings will be posted there as the section name suggests though. And since these cannot be announced beforehand because it depends on how fast people drop out of the teams, you should keep the subscription there. I hope you didn't miss a grunt slot because of that misunderstanding.

Basically everything just as last year.

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