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Yrkidding February 14th, 2018 03:58 PM

C13 Battle 7: Nujiamaa II

It took less than two minutes for the first units to begin their clash over the Nuijamaa border crossing. With the two VOG squads sent to the Immgration flag finding themselves quickly overwhelmed, the rest of VOG leapt on the opportunity to attempt an early encirclement, which never quite came to fruition. Even though this initial attempt was stunted, the temperament of both teams remained fiery, with constant intense fighting on both the eastern and western flanks of the active flags, with RPX generally winning the west, and VOG generally winning the east. Later in the round, RPX found their own opportunity to attempt an assault on VOG's flag however it too was repelled by the defenders, resetting both teams to their never-ending skirmish. In the end, VOG's mortar support proved invaluable to their efforts, managing to wreak havoc amongst RPX's ranks, ultimately giving VOG the edge to win with 8 tickets remaining.

PR Tracker Replay
Score Screen

The Baltic island of Saaremaa will be host to the next battle.

Date: 24th of February 2018
Time: Battle start 20:00 PRT
Server Password: Announced 19:45 PRT
Map: Saaremaa Alt
Teams: US (VOG) vs RU (RPX)
No-Go Zone Rules: Click Here

Signups are still open! Read here if you are interested in signing up, or go straight ahead and click the big "SIGN UP NOW!" button at the top.

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Senshi February 24th, 2018 09:13 PM

Re: C13 Battle 7: Nujiamaa II
As a quick summary for everyone:
The server crashed at the most inopportune time, thus the battle results are nulled, and the battle will have to be replayed.

We will give further information once we have discussed the options with the teams High Command. Expect an update on Monday at the latest!
For now, expect the next match to be played in two weeks, as usual.

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