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2018-03-13, 21:53
PRT Campaign 13

With both teams opting for an aggressive deployment, things got heated rather quickly for the second round of Saaremaa. The initial fighting quickly bounced between the two contested flags, with a constant back and forth of the teams trying to secure what they could. Eventually both teams managed to settle down on their own respective flags, with VOG taking the lead in tickets, but this didn't last for long as the pressure was almost immediately back on. Orissaare finally found itself out of focus when Runway Perimeter became the main point of contention. RPX had successfully managed to get VOG on the back foot territorially, managing to capture VOG's second flag. While VOG did eventually manage to temporarily reduce RPX's control of the area and flip the flag neutral, it wasn't permanent as RPX's counter attack found themselves back in control once again. With this new front line established RPX attempted to push their advantage but couldn't quite regain the ticket difference VOG had secured earlier in the battle.

http://tournament.realitymod.com/images/c13resources/announcements/score_screen_b8.png (http://tournament.realitymod.com/index.php?page=status&operation=3)
PR Tracker Replay (http://tournament.realitymod.com/prt_mods/tracker/?demo=files/c13_b8.PRdemo)


https://i.imgur.com/JWH88E6.png (http://tournament.realitymod.com/index.php?page=faq#f11.3)

We'll be going back to the outskirts of Sbeneh next!

Date: 24th of March 2018
Time: Battle start 20:00 PRT
Server Password: Announced 19:45 PRT
Map: Sbeneh Outskirts Inf
Teams: MEC (VOG) vs SYR (RPX)
No-Go Zone Rules: Click Here (http://tournament.realitymod.com/showthread.php?t=34276#f30)

http://www.realitymod.com/mapgallery/images/maps/sbenehoutskirts/mapoverview_gpm_cq_16.jpg (http://tournament.realitymod.com/mapviewer/?map=sbeneh_outskirts)


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