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2017-10-14, 13:03

Ive been asked to host a WW2 event. We tested it, it works. But there is a twist: Its running on 1.3.5.

I think you, WebCole, got messaged as well already. Basically both Commanders were asked to check if their team would be up for a WW2 event, or "mock battle", or mixed teams, or whatever. No need to provide 50 players each, obviously, but 25 would be a good number :cool:

You need to consider, that since it is running on 1.3.5, you would have to download and install 8 gigabytes of data again. Basically creating a 2nd installation with WW2 only for this event.

I was asked to check if enough people of VOG would be interested and RPX has been asked as well, afaik. So I thought id just put it in here so everyone can see it already.

TLDR: Do we get enough players for a WW2 event with every one able and willing to download 8 gigabytes of data again, and doing a seperate installation?

EDIT: Installation is simple, no worries here

We would only use official files from official pages, no modifications or anything.


2017-10-14, 14:04
If you need a little help coordinating between the teams or if there's anything I might be able to do from admin side let me know.

Also if there's space, I'd love to jump in and play if either team will have me as a reserve for that battle.

2017-10-14, 15:04

I'm in, no problem with the extra download.

2017-10-14, 15:20
not tonight, sometime the next week(s).
Sure kidding, we will have sign ups to reserve spots. Just asking here to see general interest

2017-10-14, 16:55
I'm guessing deadmanfoot hasn't passed on the intel yet. We said no.