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2017-02-25, 21:35
This post isn't anything official, personal idea.

Discuss how could we make random pickup games work between PRTs.

My general idea:
- Match every weekend or every 2 weekends.
- Have a pool of capable Commanders, controlled by admins.
- Map layout and Commanders are decided 3-7 days before. Commanders signing in as "available" for it and discussing internally who will command each team (Or the two with the least amount of plays are selected). - Commanders are expected to prepare a pertty simple deployment plan. No Google presentation level stuff, but an overall plan nontheless - FoB locations, deployment locations.
- Have a pool of Squad leaders and grunts, or maybe pool of pre-made Squads? The latter won't be too newb friendly, would be nice to increase the PRT community size with this.
- 1-3 days before, magically somehow make somewhat balanced teams out of the people who signed in, selecting people from the SL pool to be SLs and form a team. (Ideas on how could we do this?)
- Commander discusses plan with the team 10-20 mins before. No deployment training.
- Maps chosen by vote? Special maps? CnC? WW2? Winners of last round vote for next map?

Do you think we have enough players in our community for such system to work with a weekly 45vs45, even after a few games when hype dies down?

Would 60-80 player pickup games be fine?

Clan stacking restrictions per squad? per team?

Enough Admin volunteers to oversee it?

Server? (Shouldn't be an issue, Zrix, Casualty).


2017-02-25, 21:39
I think having people show up could be an issue. Would the clan restrictions be at work here?

2017-02-25, 21:41
I can give a server if needed (if this one does not stay up).

2017-02-25, 21:43
Would the clan restrictions be at work here?

I would go for less strict rules. Like maximum of 4-5 same clan members on a 6-7 man squad.

2017-02-25, 21:47
Make it every two weeks just to allow for time to iron out kinks.

Pool of squad leaders and grunts is probably best way of doing it.

Make a thread, people have 1 week to "sign in" to the thread. Literally just saying they'll 100% be there, whether they want to be a Sqd Leader or Grunt. Potentially have a way to have people sign up as a group? Maybe 3 people max as one group and they count as 3 "turns" during picking?

Commanders are picked in like first day or two, then they get together at some point at the end of the week to literally take it in turns to pick people. SLs picked first until either all squad slots are filled or you run out of SLs.

gg that gives teams a week to get loosely organised in to squads

2017-02-25, 21:49
WW2 pls

2017-02-25, 21:52
wrong trhead pls delet

2017-02-25, 21:54
Server? (Shouldn't be an issue, Zrix, Casualty).
Not a problem.

2017-02-25, 21:57
This would be a good way of "training" the next set of PRT commanders if nothing else. I would be interested in helping out.

2017-02-25, 23:02
Pick em' style for team members.

2017-02-25, 23:15
I like it. Keep it very open though, to have it work as advertisement for pubs as well. And we need a clear-cut, low-bureaucracy way of doing those stints to keep it attractive for pubs (and the non-PRT-fan clans out there).

I'd be willing to help with ways to decrease bureaucracy. Thinking about a very simple, lightweight signup system, so we can get the player lists for the CO pick session without trouble.