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Post C12 Battle & Practice Schedules

When the tournament is at DEFCON 1 (see website header), the two week battle cycle is in effect. Every two weeks, teams will battle each other. When the campaign is complete, the tournament will revert back to DEFCON 5.

See the FAQ section 9 for information about all tournament DEFCON modes.


A battle-cycle has a team training in the first weekend and a battle on the second Saturday at 19.00 PRT TIME.



Besides the team trainings that will be posted in the team barracks, teams may organize other trainings.

Additional Practice
All teams organize additional (often squad/platoon based) practice sessions on their own private training servers. Check your army's Command HQ or squad forums for dates, times, and server info.

Combined Practice
Friendly teams may not only practice alone, but also against each other. The Supreme Commanders may organize combined trainings.

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