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Re: C13 #1 Prep Battle Dovre

Signups are open. Not a lot of slots, though...
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Re: C13 #1 Prep Battle Dovre

Originally Posted by Yrkidding View Post
I remember that as a good battle for my squad at least, fought a bunch of time in the forest east of the castle and then fell back to reinforce it and fought along the walls to repel a good off the North and then South walls.
And I made both Alex, and you confused as fuck trying to figure out how to into commanding. What a lovely battle that was.
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Re: C13 #1 Prep Battle Dovre

Commenting on the first 15 minutes of play, the northern sector on the Dovre map. I am trying to bring in both the tactical and operational level to the analysis. Please let me know if I am offending anyone. Not my intention to offend. I have played as commander my self, for 1 campaign, so I know how stressful it can be and how fragile one can feel. I lost battles too.

RPX North
Numbers: 15 players organised in two and a half squad:
Fisen 6 infantry in the layout of:
Philrow 6 infantry in the layout of:
Robernani 4 infantry in the layout of:

Area force advantagde: Two full squads coordinating and working closely together as one entity. These two squads constituted the Main Line of resistance. Additionally, also early warning from a half-squad operating more than 1 Main Grid away from the Main Line of resistance. FOB created closely behind the Main Line of Resisstance.

Area force disadvantage: No forces in the northern rear and an unsuccessful tactical setup against even light vehicles.

The operational level
RPX deployed two closely working 6 man infantry squads as a defensive unit, guarding the main Dovre road in the north. In front of them, a third half-squad deployed for active screening, harassing and scouting. This setup created an operational depth and provided RPX with a defensive advantagde.

The tactical level
The two defensive squads could easily had made their position a full main grid wider. Same goes for their depth. They had enough players at their disposable to cover a larger area; 4 scouts/guards and 8 in the center, spaced out. Such setup would have created both their own early warning in all four directions, as well as an improved reaction pattern with a clearer command focus too.

VOG North
Numbers: 9 players organised in two non-full squads
Buttermilch 4 motorised infantry in the layout of:
Jaeger 5 infantry in the layout of:

Area force advantage: Significant higher mobility factor, allowing for the transport of at least four players at the time.

Area force disadvantage: No coordination between the two squads. No support from the rest of the team. No FOB created in the area.

The operational level
VOG deployed two non-full squads with two different missions that both failed after their initial success. However, VOG never utilized this offensive strength, to gain control of the entire area from start. Instead it spread out both squads, in both time and place.

The tactical level



The VOG situation is pretty much like the one I use as basic example in my guide, where the opposing flank and the center too, is brutally stripped of strength. This so to acchive numerical superiority in th ebreak-in area.
However, In order to succeed with such setup, speed is vital. Only this way, can the VOG assault, force the RPX command, to give up any attempt to move into the open VOG flank in the north.
Speed Surprise Strength

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