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Senshi is offline [T-ADM]Senshi
Yrkidding is offline [T-ADM]Yrkidding

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Lhop is offline [T-ADM]Lhop
UTurista is offline [T-ADM]UTurista

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Aleon is offline [PR]RPX|Aleon
blip2 is offline [T-CON]​blip2
GHOST_-DK- is offline [PR]VOG|GHOST_-DK-
Raidonrai is offline [T-CON]​Raidonrai
Liverpool laa
Zrix is offline [PR]RPX|Zrix

- RPX Supreme Commander
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WebCole is offline [PR]RPX|WebCole

- RPX Commander
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PeppeJ is offline [PR]RPX|​PeppeJ
West Coast

- RPX Executive Officer
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Jarhead is offline [PR]RPX|Jarhead
Munich - Bavaria - Germany

- VOG Supreme Commander
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Mattytoosack is offline [PR]VOG|​Mattytoosack
Pennsylvania, United States

- VOG Commander
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CAS_ual_TY is offline [PR]VOG|​CAS_ual_TY

PRT Gold Staff Award
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Age is offline [R-ADM]Age
US West Coast
Aleon is offline [PR]RPX|Aleon
Raic is offline [R-ADM]Raic
Senshi is offline [T-ADM]Senshi
Spook is offline [R-ADM]Spook
TomNedry is offline [R-ADM]TomNedry
Wien (Vienna)

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Project Reality is a computer game and the Project Reality Tournament is an organized simulation of that game.
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