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Campaign 10: SITREP #2 (PREP1&2, Rules, LOA)
Oct 17, 2014 - 7:01 PM - by [T-ADM]Onil

Hello PRT Community!

The first Preparation Battle (Jabal) has been played and we would like to thank and congratulate both teams for a well fought battle with good sportsmanship and enthusiastic teamwork. We hope that all future battles will be as good if not better than this first one!

The in-game end score was PAC 75 - 0 EMF. Congratulations PAC!

However, due to a rule-breach, a penalty has been applied to PAC and 25 tickets were deducted, making the final score:
PAC 50 - 0 EMF
This final score will be counted together with the score of the next battle, to see who gets the first pick on the map-board.

Prep 1 Rule-Breach

The breach was confirmed by the Administration while watching the Battle-Recorder file as well as a few of the uploaded videos. The PAC mortar team exploited the game mechanics of rebuilding the mortar pits to get full ammo instead of re-arming them.

While this might be a common thing when public playing, it is definitely not acceptable in the PRT, where the game is to be played as the developers intended it to be. This penalty serves as a warning so that everyone understands that breaking the rules has consequences to the team and to the individual/s.

Clan Restrictions Update

The PRT Staff has listened to your feedback and considered your requests regarding the limitations presented by the Clan Restrictions. We are aware that the current rules are not ideal and force friends who signed up together to split into different squads, not being able to play together.

The 40% rule was designed to make sure that a squad is never fully controlled by a clan or community and to prevent favoritism when the squad leader is from that same clan. However, based on the discussions with the Supreme Commanders of both teams, we have come to an agreement in which they will take full responsibility and ensure that every player gets the same privileges and chances independently of group friendships or memberships. This allows the PRT Staff to make adjustments to the rules in order to improve the over-all experience of the PRT.

  • Maximum in-game number of players will be increased from 45 to 48 players per team.
  • Maximum in-game number of players from the same clan in the same squad will be increased from 40% to 50% for squads with 6 or less players in-game.

It's important to note that the 40% rule is kept for any squad that uses more than 6 players in game, and continues to apply to the total number of officers, from the same clan, within a team.

We will continue to monitor the squads together with the SCO's to avoid all forms of favoritism. We expect all squad-leaders to rotate active players regularly and include reserves actively in team and squad trainings as well as in battles.


We also want to remind both teams of the following two rules:
  • No all-chat. We recommend that you unbind the key before the battle.
  • Team-killing, smoke throwing and other undisciplined behavior will not be tolerated before the battle. Stay in the perimeter of your main base and let the officers and admins work out the battle-preparation without any disturbance. Anyone that disregards these guidelines may be removed from the server.

PAC & EMF Reserve Signups will be opening today!!!
Friday the 17th of October at 19h00 PRT. Only 27 slots available! First come, First Served!

Check the Signups and Recruitment Sub-Forum for more information. Make sure you subscribe to that forum and never miss the signups again.

Introducing the PRT Event & LOA System created by [T-ADM]TomNedry!

This system will help the teams when organizing and managing events (squad/team training, battles, meetings, etc) as well as to keep track of player activity and availability.

The links can be found on the Site Navigation on the main-page of the PRT. The Site Navigation is not shown on the forum, but your officers will make sure that the links are posted on your squad sub-forums whenever a new event is created.

For players, the system is self-explanatory. Each time an Admin, Team-Staff member or Officer creates an event, you can sign-in (attending) or sign-out (not attending) using the action icons. Be aware that events have a deadline until which you can do so, so check the event page regularly.

You will be able to add a short message to your sign-in/off with the option to edit it later. The 'eye' icon will show you a list of who signed-in (marked in Green), who signed-off (marked in Red) and who hasn't signed-in/off (Marked in Black). Anyone that has posted an LOA which includes the Event Date will be marked with an LOA text next to their nickname.

Only officers and PRT-Staff will be able to create events. Every player will be able to see his teams events (marked with the team color and including from other squads) as well as the PRT Official events (marked in red and including battles). So you will be able to sign-in for another squad's squad-training for example but should only do so when you have received permission from that squad's SL.

If you can't attend any event or training for a longer period of time, you can place an LOA by clicking the big green square. An LOA will automatically sign you out of all events happening on dates that are included in your LOA timeframe.

Officers will receive a separate tutorial on how to create events correctly. We hope this system will assist all players and officers in managing the teams. For any questions or feedback, please file a support ticket.

The next battle will be in less than 2 weeks so get ready for PREP 2!

Date: 25th of October 2014
Time: Battle start: 19:00PRT
Server: Announced 18:15PRT
No-Go Zone Rules: Click Here

Players should join the battle-server 15 minutes prior to the battle start.
(with correct PRT TAG/Username)
It is mandatory to be on TS!

Important note: Loading in the 128/Large layer of any map using Local Play in PR will not work! It will load the 64/std layer due to BF2's inability to load PR's 128-layers correctly. Keep this mind when gathering map intelligence! In order to test and train this layer we suggest to use the training servers on which the large layer will load fine. You can also rename the pr/levels/beirut/gamemodes/gpm_cq/128 folder to /64 and back-up the original 64-layer folder if you want to test it on a local server.


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The History of the PRT
Oct 01, 2014 - 2:11 PM - by [T-ADM]Onil

Competitive gaming is a constant in every popular game or mod. It is where players try to achieve the highest level of effectiveness with and against like-minded individuals. It is also where game mechanics are put to the test in an organized environment, which results in the constant improvement not only of the competition but also of the game/mod itself.

The Official Project Reality Tournament was created to accommodate such necessities and provide the best possible experience to every Project Reality player that seeks a more serious and structured way of gaming.

Since its very first campaign in 2006, the PR community has both participated and maintained the PRT, as well as improved it, based on the issues of past campaigns and the new features incorporated in PR. It is only fair that we look to the past and learn from it, while continually developing the future of the PRT.

The Campaign Structure changed on a regular basis, and so did the teams:

- C1 ARRC Team - Allied Rapid Reaction Corps - Blufor
- C1 EJOD Team - Eastern Joint Operations Division - Opfor

- C2 NODFOR Team - NATO Defence Force - Blufor
- C2 ASOG Team - Arab Special Operations Group - Opfor

- C3 NARFOR Team - North Atlantic Response Force - Blufor
- C3 PELA Team - People's Elite Liberation Army - Opfor

- C4 ARRC Team - Allied Rapid Reaction Corps - BluforBlufor
- C4 RFAD Team - Rapid Force Assault Detachment - Opfor

- C5 BCST Team - British Combined Services Taskforce - Blufor
- C5 USEF Team - United States Expeditionary Force - Blufor
- C5 MEDI Team - Middle East Defense Initiative - Opfor
- C5 PELA Team - People's Elite Liberation Army - Opfor

- C6 NATO 1 & NATO 2 Armies - North Atlantic Treaty Organization - Blufor
- C6 CATA 1 & CATA 2 Armies - Central Asian Treaty Alliance - Opfor

- C7 NATO 1 & NATO 2 Armies- North Atlantic Treaty Organization - Blufor
- C7 CATA 1 & CATA 2 Armies - Central Asian Treaty Alliance - Opfor

- C8 Unified NATO Team (Alpha & Bravo) - North Atlantic Treaty Organization - Blufor
- C8 CATA 2 & CATA 3 Armies - Central Asian Treaty Alliance - Opfor

- C9 NATO Alpha & Charlie Armies - North Atlantic Treaty Organization - Blufor
- C9 Unified CATA Team - Central Asian Treaty Alliance - Opfor
The victory of each campaign only matters during that specific campaign. Once a campaign is over, all that matters is how fun and exciting each match was, along with the friendships formed with other players. We bring you Campaign 10 and hope that you enjoy it as much as every veteran enjoyed the past campaigns.

Now it is time for PAC and EMF to shine:

It is up to each and every single PRT player to help his fellow team and tournament members to improve and achieve victory both as a team and as a campaign as whole. We expect you to uphold the PRT's high standards so that it continues to offer the best PR battles that you've ever had!


For the PRT Veterans out there, you can wear your Campaign Ribbons with pride. These are however only given to players who participated in the full campaign, not only a few of its battle-cycles.

The PRT Administration would like to ask every veteran not to use any other ribbons/badges or team specific awards of past campaigns. Focus on winning new ones in C10!

It has been a difficult task to get all the information on past campaigns, as it is hard to find veterans that played in the earlier ones and still remember the details. If anything is incorrect, please let us know!

The Administration
Campaign 10
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PR Tournament C10 - DEFCON 2 - Teams assigned!
Sep 24, 2014 - 6:32 PM - by [T-ADM]Nate

ALL MEMBERS: We are in the process of transferring all Team Members and Reserves from their temporary Team A and Team B to their new PAC and EMF user-groups. This also means that your FORUM USERNAME will be changed! You need to add [PR]EMF| or [PR]PAC| in front of your nickname to be able to log in!

Before you do so, Check your Signup Status: Signup Status Page to see and confirm which team you're assigned to. If the page only says that the Signups are Closed, that means that you haven't signed up for this campaign.

As we get closer to the start of Campaign 10, every Team Member or Reserve who is Inactive and hasn't logged in on the PRT Forum for more than a week may be bumped down the list or completely removed from the team he was previously assigned to.


As posted in our previous sitrep, last week both teams have been busy with helping the admin team picking map layers and no-go zones to have a balanced campaign. After this was all processed it was time for the team assignment! After a random selection procedure, the following assignment came forward:

All members: When you have been moved to the team usergroup, your forum name will have your team tag! Your new forum name will look like this:
It's time for the propaganda machinery to start up, for team strategies to be made.
Play hard, but fair and above all - have fun! Good luck to all members!
We are DEFCON 2, ladies & gentlemen! Grab your rifle and get ready for battle!

The interactive mapboard has been updated with all layers and gamemodes and can now be used for planning your moves.


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IRC: server: | channel: prtournament (autoconnect)

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube to get the latest information on the tournament. Know exactly when the sign ups are announced and be always updated on the battle cycles.

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