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Tournament News
C13 Battle #5 Khamisiyah
Jan 16, 2018 - 1:47 PM - by Senshi

PRT Campaign 13

Thanks to Reamz for making this excellent video, showcasing scenes of the ongoing campaign.

The sand has settled in Khamisiyah, with VOG taking the win. Finding their approach to the bunker area surprisingly uncontested, VOG began their long and intense contention almost immediately. While RPX fought well and made VOG struggle over each bunker, VOG's gains were consistent and they gradually gained control over more and more territory. To the East, in Demolition Pit, we saw a brave standoff of one RPX squad, holding their position against immeasurable odds and managing to keep the flag contested for much longer than they rightfully deserved to. Despite their display of prowess, the lone squad eventually succumbed to the sheer numbers of VOG flooding the bunker, losing the flag within the last ten minutes and losing some additional points in the Operations board.


PR Tracker Replay
Score Screen

Due to the new Operations system in C13, the teams will now replay the maps previously played but with swapped factions, to ensure balance throughout the campaign. Maps will be played in the same order they were played the first time, meaning we're going back to Yamalia!

Date: 27th of January 2018
Time: Battle start 20:00 PRT
Server Password: Announced 19:45 PRT
Map: Yamalia Alt
Teams: US (RPX) vs RU (VOG)
No-Go Zone Rules: Click Here

Gentlemen Agreement
Eastern route will not played

Signups are open again! Not everyone survived the two-week holiday season, so both teams have some slots to fill again. Read here if you are interested in signing up, or go straight ahead and click the big "SIGN UP NOW!" button at the top.

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