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PRT Campaign 11 - Your support is needed!
Aug 17, 2015 - 7:37 PM - by [T-ADM]Spook

Campaign 11 Announced!
Official Project Reality Tournament

Hello PRT community!

After the much-anticipated relaunch of the Project Reality Tournament with Campaign 10 last year, the new PRT Team is happy to announce that Campaign 11 is already in the works and will hopefully be launched this fall.

The new staff consists of C10 veterans, and we are working hard to provide a new and fresh campaign for all of you. C10 was extremely successful, going down in history as the most balanced, fair and drama-free campaign ever hosted. The bar is set high so we need support from you to fulfil all expectations. Although the Lead-Admin and Management positions are filled we are still looking for Senior and Junior Admins, as well as Contributors.

Senior Administrators are in charge of different departments, coordinating with other Admins and supervising their own departments.

As an example, in the Moderation & Relations Department, the Lead Admin is in charge of all other Junior-Admins within it. He has to make sure that no support ticket is unanswered and supervise the Public Forum Moderation. He also coordinates directly with the Supreme Commanders to resolve any issues that may arise between the teams.

There are also several other positions with less responsibility; the Junior-Admins, who act as supervisors of a certain team or battle-day Admins who observe the official matches between both teams via PRISM and are ready to help and support the players if problems occur.

If you think you may not be the best mediator we are also in search for coders who can help us with the integrated tournament tools and features on our website. These are written primarily in PHP.

Even though we already have some people in our media departments, we still welcome more support! If you are capable of creating graphics for the forums and the teams you are more than welcome to join us.

If you cannot provide much time and dedication but still want to support us you can join our ranks as a Contributor and provide services for both teams and the tournament, as sponsors, instructors, tech support, artwork or propaganda.

So don't be shy to contact us, we are happy to accept any help we can get. We will find the right spot for you and make sure you get to do what you signed up for.

You can be part of another great journey for the PR community and contribute your share to keep it alive and active even after so many years. After all, this is all what the Project Reality Tournament is about; welding the community together and creating new communities and friendships.

To sign up for a position in the PRT team use the Sign Up Form, and post your application in this subforum. We hope to hear from you soon!

If you have any other questions regarding C11, possible duties, staff team structure or anything else before signing up, feel free to contact the Lead-Admins via PM or join the PRT teamspeak and hit us up!

Everybody else stay tuned for more information about C11, its teams and the battle-concept soon.

[T-MGT] Curry-Chicken (Management Lead) - Germany
[T-MGT] GrayeKnight (Website Management) - United States of America

Lead Admin:
[T-ADM] Spook - Germany
[T-ADM] Liam - Ireland

Senior Admin:
[T-ADM] BloodyDeed (Server Lead) - Switzerland

Junior Admin:
[T-ADM] Raic (Media) - Finland
[T-ADM] Blip (Servers & Teamspeak) - United Kingdom

[T-MOD]Onil - Portugal

[T-CON] Senshi (PRT Wiki) - Germany
[T-CON] Aleon (Media) - Hungary

Contact Details

Liam: Tournament Website | Realitymod Website
Spook: Tournament Website | Realitymod Website

TeamSpeak Server IP:
PR Tournament Website
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PRT Campaign 10 - Final Sitrep #13 - WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT
Apr 27, 2015 - 10:07 PM - by [T-ADM]Nate

Hello PRT Community!

The last battle of the Project Reality Tournament Campaign 10 has been played. After an extremely close game on Saaremaa, EMF manages to cap a vital flag (ticket count was 19-19 at that time) and win the battle - with a 19-0 lead in tickets - and thus win the campaign. Congratulations to the Eastern Military Federation (EMF)!

During the past eight months, both teams have won and lost countless battles, have lost and gained multiple team members and trained hard to come out victorious. In the end, C10 of the official PR Tournament turned out to be the most balanced campaign to date.

The PRT Staff would especially like to thank [PR]PAC|Spook and [PR]EMF|Norby for their great sportsmanship and dedication to the campaign, that made possible to have agreements between the team to increase the fun, the balance and the intensity of the campaign significantly. Even if it sometimes meant a disadvantage, they picked maps, let go of assets or decided other aspects of the game together just for the sake of the campaign. The same goes for the commanders, [PR]PAC|Cruzmissile, [PR]EMF|Age and [PR]EMF|Danger, who - despite the possibly of loosing the battle - still decided to attack the enemy with full force instead of letting the battle turn into a 3-hours stalemate.

After all, for most of us, Project Reality is about having fun first and foremost and all of you made it possible - thank you!

The Project Reality Tournament Campaign 10 is over - but Project Reality is still very much alive. Therefore we are looking forward to work on Campaign 11 for Autumn/Winter 2015. In the meantime, the players of the tournament can use the experience they gathered and especially all their new buddies and friends to play Project Reality on public servers and spread the spirit and teamwork that the tournament stands for. Every PRT Member is of course allowed to keep wearing their [PR]PAC| and [PR]EMF| tags proudly.

The Admin team is currently discussing possibilities to run official Tournament-Events (Teamwork-Nights) over the course of the summer from time to time to get people back together and introduce the tournament to a wider player base.

In our mid-campaign survey we have already received great feedback from the players, but for the last battle we should let them speak for themselves:

Best and most intense battle ever played in PR!
That battle was super good. Probably the best one I've ever had, GG.
EMF won due to a flag cap that was at 95% for 20minutes, and was finalized by them when they and us were both at 19 tickets. A flag-cap basically decided the campaign in the last 5min of the battle. Battle would have been over within minutes if they would not have capped it :P
GG to all. Literally the closest, most intense fight to end a tournament anyone could wish for.
Very awesome last battle. It was the perfect closure for this tournament.
Thanks PAC for being that honorable enemy you people were. The amount of sportsmanship and fair-play between both teams if unbelievable.
Best fucking game ever for the last battle. I was literally shaking when we started capping those ~2%. G fucking G.
I loved how every tiny movement of the cap progress bar was met with intense cheering by all the guys in local, after everybody got jacked up on adrenaline to go for a final attempt to push PAC out of the cap zone. And the ~30sec nonstop screaming of joy after the victory screen popped up.
Best tournament/campaign ever, where no team has really lost. While EMF is the winner, I think everybody has gotten plenty of reward (=fun) for what they invested in the campaign. Thanks to everybody who contributed, this truly was a great community effort!
We would like to thank the community for their support and especially all members for their continued dedication and activity in battle-planning, trainings and battles.

Thanks to [PR]EMF|Rage for creating the battle-script that switches people to their respective teams automatically when they join.
Special thanks to retired [T-ADM]TomNedry for coding the SignUp, Event Management and Team Roster System for the PRT Website!
Special thanks to retired [R-DEV] BloodyDeed for providing the tournament with free battle and teamspeak servers!
And finally, thanks to the Project Reality Development and Management Team in their technical and spiritual support, making the campaign possible, as well as with providing the admin team with great tools to monitor the battles.

We hope to see you all in C11, it was a pleasure to work with all of you on this campaign.

The PRT Staff:

[T-MGT] Spec (Management Lead) - Germany
[T-MGT] MineralWouter (Website Management) - Belgium
[T-MGT] Curry-Chicken (Team Relations Management) - Germany

[T-ADM] Onil (Lead Admin - Sign-Ups, Permissions, Rules) - Portugal
[T-ADM] GrayeKnight (Lead Admin - Forum Structure) - United States of America
[T-ADM] BloodyDeed (Senior Admin - Server Lead) - Switzerland
[T-ADM] Nate (Senior Admin - Moderation & Relations Lead) - Germany
[T-ADM] Liam (Senior Admin - Team Communication) - Ireland

[T-ADM] Raic (Junior Admin - Media) - Finland
[T-ADM] Blip (Junior Admin - Servers & Teamspeak) - United Kingdom

[T-CON] Senshi (PRT Wiki) - Germany
[T-CON] Turista (PRT Feature for PRSPY's APP) - Portugal
[T-CON] Vista (C10 Survey) - Portugal
[T-CON] Ranzpirat (Server Technician) - Germany
[T-CON] Priby (C10 Artwork) - Germany


Quick Links
PR Tournament Website
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Tournament FAQ
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Battle & Practice Schedule

IRC: server: | channel: prtournament (autoconnect)

Teamspeak3: server: (autoconnect)

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PRT Campaign 10 -Sitrep #12 THE GRAND FINALE
Apr 16, 2015 - 2:17 AM - by [T-ADM]Nate

Hello PRT Community!

The 10th C10 battle has been played! The battle was very important for both teams and could have ended the campaign if EMF had won. However, PAC prepared themselves very well and managed to win Battle 10!

This means - after 10 battles - the campaign has come to a draw. EMF agreed to not consider the map board mechanisms that would declare them the winner of C10, but instead both teams decided to play ONE FINAL BATTLE to pick the definite winner of the Official Project Reality Campaign 10

This has been the most balanced campaign in the PR Tournament history (according to former PRT members). We are very happy that so many people joined us and have remained active and dedicated throughout the campaign that started all the way back in September 2014.

The teams agreed on playing Saaremaa AAS Infantry (Special Team Agreement: No Mortars | No UAV). Find all relevant info below:

[PR]PAC will play as United States Marine Corps.

[PR]EMF will play as the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Date: 25th of April 2015
Time: Battle start: 19:00PRT
Server: Announced 18:15PRT
Map: Saaremaa AAS INF
Teams: United States Marine Corps: PAC| Russian Armed Forces: EMF
No-Go Zone Rules: Click Here

We would like to ask all of you to sign in and out of battles and trainings in the Event system!. It is vital for your team staff to see who can show up in battle and who can't. There is a lot of work behind all this and signing in and out of a battle is done with two clicks - Please use it! This is the final battle and we expect utmost dedication from all members, from the reserves all the way up to the Supreme Commanders.

We will be back with another briefing on the end of the campaign after Battle 11. Make sure you participate in battleplanning, squad trainings and propaganda to ensure your team's victory!

Thank you all,

PRT Administration


Quick Links
PR Tournament Website
How-To Sign-Up
Tournament FAQ
Tournament Rules
Battle & Practice Schedule

IRC: server: | channel: prtournament (autoconnect)

Teamspeak3: server: (autoconnect)

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