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Tournament News
PRT Campaign 12: SITREP #6 (Operation #3, End of C12)
Mar 06, 2017 - 9:32 PM - by Liam

Hello PRT Community!

From the second Battle of Operation 3, one team has emerged victorious!

Vadso saw a beautiful balance of tense firefights and careful maneuvering, both teams trying to read and adapt to the others plans. APN with a well executed deployment took the lead early on, but EMC's strong advance slowly pushed back APN's frontline and drained their tickets until EMC pulled ahead. EMC were caught off guard however by APN's daring and well executed move to out-cap, but reacted in time to secure their objectives, finally taking advantage of the gap in APN's defenses left by the assault to close out the round with 92-0 for EMC. As always, the full battle can be viewed here.

The battle and this campaign have ended, but the friendships, comradery and memories will remain. Players of the tournament can use the experience gathered to play Project Reality on public servers with their tournament friends and other players alike, spreading the spirit and teamwork that the tournament stands for. Every PRT Member is of course allowed to keep wearing their [PR]APN| and [PR]EMC| tags proudly.

Campaign 12 was a great success, and we are grateful to all who helped in facilitating the campaign. First and foremost, thanks to [PR]APN|Yrkidding and [PR]EMC|Philrow, as well as to their commanders [PR]APN|ytman and [PR]EMC|Senshi for their sportsmanship and dedication to the campaign, always striving for balance and enjoyable battles.

Also special thanks to our C12 Contributors that helped develop the required artwork, infrastructures and special features that made this campaign run smoothly and successfully.

Not least, thanks to all those who took their time to be a part of this campaign, from the reserves to the high command; the tournament is in the end made by those who play it. We hope you enjoyed your time here.

Enjoy the Summer Break! We will hopefully be back in September for a new Campaign.

The PRT C12 staff:

Senior Administrator
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